Oct 24

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car im getting mckenna. 

car im getting mckenna. 

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dats me and mckenna

dats me and mckenna

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Oct 19

Ready for the weekend! It’s gonna be a good one. Can’t wait to spend it with my wonderful girlfriend!! I love her more than anything!! :)

Oct 17

Hopefully everything will work out just fine. I really hope it does. I miss my wonderful girlfriend. She means the world to me!! I want to spend the rest of my life with her and only her. She’s the best I could ever have. And I love her with all of my heart forever and ever!! Other than some things that happened this weekend. I had a great time being able to spend it with the love of my life. I love being with her all the time and I miss her like crazy when we aren’t together. She’s the other half of me that makes me whole.

I’m so ready for this coming up weekend!! Really hope we can make things plan out the way that we are wanting them too. That would be amazing!! Hopefully I will get to see my girlfriend sometime during this week.

I love you McKenna with all of my heart and I will do anything for you! I will always he there for you no matter what. And I will always take care of you and do everything I can to keep you safe. You are the most amazing girl I’ve ever meet and I’m so glad that you are all mine! You make me the happiest man in the world! You bring out the best in me. You are wonderful!!

Oct 13



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To My Wonderful Girlfriend!

I remember my first glimpse of her face,
I saw you smile, then I smiled
I was straight blown away
Mesmerized by your beauty, from your feet to your hands
How could one be so beautiful?
I don’t understand
Heaven sent, God’s gift without a doubt in my mind
Sometimes I wonder why our paths decided to collide
We started off as perfect strangers
Boy meets girl, infatuation to love
Now you’re my whole entire world
Destiny taps me on the back, saying hello
But really it was your touch
Now I’ll never let you go
Then you spoke, I never heard a voice so sweet
And from her words, man, I knew this girl was deep
Just like me
With times to worry and times to play
I love McKenna for who she is and I love her even more everyday

I love you McKenna! :) You are my everything forever and ever I will always love you! :)

Oct 12

My week started out pretty good but now feels really awful. Don’t know what’s goin on. Wish I could fix it. :(

Oct 11

Cutest couple ever! :)   She is so beautiful! I Love Her to death! :) She’s my everything!!!! 

Cutest couple ever! :)   She is so beautiful! I Love Her to death! :) She’s my everything!!!!